Texas Power Hour w/Pastor Carolyn Sissom – Apostle Vincent G. Valentyne

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

7:00 p.m. CST

Texas Power Hour

w/Pastor Carolyn Sissom & Friends

 Apostle Vincent G. Valentyne

About Apostle: (Click here for his ministry page)

Vincent G. Valentyn grew up in a nominal Christian home where the family attended a Dutch Reformed church. He however, believed on the LORD Jesus Christ at the age of 16 when he was confronted by the love of God as presented in the gospel of Jesus Christ and soon afterwards was baptized into water and the Holy Spirit and almost immediately started in ministry.

At the age of 20 he was appointed as the associate pastor to the then moderator of the Full Gospel Church of God (RSA) the late J. J. Vos. During this time, he also served on the youth leadership team and started to travel nationally to speak at multi-cultural youth events in the denomination. After serving as an associate pastor he was commissioned to plant a new church for the Full Gospel Denomination upon the completion of his seminary training. After the successful completion of this assignment, he departed from the denomination during 198ti in pursuit of a fresh encounter with God. It was during this time of searching and contemplation that he was powerfully impacted upon by the kingdom of God under the ministry of the late Bryn Jones (CMI) UK. He spent the next 10 years under the apostolic fathering of Kobus Swart (Southern Harvest Ministries in relationship with CMI) based in Somerset West, South Africa, where he was first introduced to kingdom living and apostolic ministry.

It was during this time that he started to travel in Southern Africa (South Africa & surrounding nations) as part of an emerging apostolic team under the leadership of Kobus Swart, learning how to work apostolically into the Church on the African continent. During 1995 he started to travel intercontinentally, learning the complicated and demanding work of an international ambassador of the kingdom of God. During 199ti Covenant Ministries International UK & USA and Southern Harvest Ministries (RSA) split up into several new apostolic orbits. At this time, he chose not to enter relationship with these new entities but rather to work as an individual in the nations where the LORD granted him grace to work. He also served as a member of the spiritual presbytery of Hear^elt Ministries International a large inter- cultural church based in Pretoria, South Africa between 199ti and 2000.

It was towards the end of this period that the LORD instructed him to move to Cape Town, South Africa to establish a leadership academy amongst the indigenous people of the region. He designed and prepared the curriculum and launched All Nations Leadership Academy (ANLA) during 2002, where a significant number of leaders have been trained for their role in the church and kingdom of God over a 3-year part-time program. He has served in various positions of leadership as well as all of the fivefold office’s in the church over a period of 30 years and presently functions in the office of apostle in the body of Christ, working into many different parts of the world. He was separated unto the LORD as a governing elder by Covenant Ministries International (UK) during 1994 and ordained as an apostolic elder in 2004 by the spiritual presbytery of Emmanuel Ministries International presided over by Apostle John Boney, based in Miami, Florida, USA.

His teaching programs have been broadcasted over regional and national radio for extended periods of time in his home country. He also speaks on radio in Africa and appears periodically on TV in Africa and the USA. He is the author of six books dealing with the subjects of authority in the church, leadership development, business principles and multicultural relationships in the church and wrote many articles for distribution via the internet. He also speaks as guest lecturer at various bible schools and institutes periodically and a vast amount of conferences per annum on subjects ranging a varied scope and in many different parts of the world.

In 1981, He married his wife Arlene and they now have three daughters who love the Lord and excel in academics, arts and drama. Arlene developed her interest in the field of psychology with special emphasis on the application of the Word as the healer. She obtained a master’s degree in social sciences specializing in Applied Psychology. She speaks at women conferences ministering on the subject of intimacy with the Lord.

Vincent Valentyn studied at various colleges and universities obtaining bachelors and master’s degrees in divinity and business administration. He also received an honorary PhD from the prestigious Lincoln University (USA) for his contributions made to the development and advancement of inter-cultural relationships in the Church birthed out of his own pain and struggle caused by living under the draconian laws of segregation in South Africa. He also received an honorary Doctor of Divinity degree from the American Bible University for 30 years of Service Excellence to the Body of Christ and the Kingdom of God. Vincent Valentyn developed a balanced theology of righteousness, justice and peace that is needed in the church at large to deal successfully with the principality of racism and the related problems that stems from this root issue. He also teaches the Word with apostolic authority and prophetic insight. He is a modern-day prophetic psalmist with a passion to see Davidic worship restored to the church.

He also has a passion for business and have successfully created a national business in the RSA with an international supply chain, a business in which he served over a period of 20 years until his international ministry expanded to the extend where it became impractical to maintain both successfully. Today he speaks at conferences hosted especially for business people, helping them gain revelation and understanding concerning their kingdom assignments. He was recently contracted to do empirical research on poverty alleviation methodologies for the rural dwellers in South Africa, a paper that will earn him further academic acclaim. He has been traveling to the USA since 199ti and has made about 40 trips since then speaking in many different churches and denominations.

The primary work that has been accomplished by these visits has been the declaration of the message of the gospel of the kingdom of God, the restoration of the house of God and leadership development. During 2004 the Mayor of the City of New Orleans, Louisiana, conferred honorary citizenship upon him for the spiritual work that he has done in that region. He is the apostolic team leader of Kingdom Lifestyle Ministries International overseeing several emerging apostolic churches where the Lord grants him grace to work.

He has travelled to about 185 cities in 39 nations, located on different continents, declaring the gospel of the Kingdom of God, the reformation of the church and the development of leaders . God, by his excellent grace; has made him a spiritual father in the body of Christ and is giving him a growing household of sons, locally and internationally whom he serves with great joy and love. He submits his life to the apostolic oversight of Apostle John M. Boney, overseer of Emmanuel Ministries International, based in Miami, Florida, USA.


About Carolyn:

In 1990, the call came to start a church.  We officially incorporated.  In retrospect, I now know that we were chosen to be a part of the ushering in of the Third Day Glory Church.  At the time, I was preaching by vision and Spirit of Revelation.  As in every move of God, we came under heavy persecutions.  However, the Lord was more than faithful.  He raised up dear Pastors, Prophets and Ministries to stand with us.  Those great warriors continue to be a part of the Eldership of this ministry.

We had incredible visitations and mighty outpourings of the Glory of God in our meetings.  Hindsight now reveals that without the persecution, we would never have dug in.  Also, we had to be tested by persecution in order to overcome and be proven to produce fruit 30-60-100 fold.

In 1997, my husband’s company moved us to Houston, After a much needed rest and time to reflect on what had transpired in those 7-years in Baton Rouge, the Lord again directed me to start a new work here in Houston.

This came in along with the Golden Glory Revival.  The Lord did not tell me that I would be a conduit of the Golden Glory, but that I was to prophesy it.  I was preparing to teach on Gift of Miracles at a community Bible Study.   Our friends, Barney and Joann Fuller, mailed me the book by Ruth Ward Heflin, Golden Glory.  I read the book on a flight to Los Angeles.  That night I awoke, sitting straight up in my bed.  The room was filled with golden angels.  They were all singing the song recorded by Candy Christmas, GLORY, GLORY, GLORY, THAT’S MY STORY.”

Prior to this visitation, the Lord spoke to me around November 2000, that wherever I went, I was to declare the Glory of God.

It seems that no matter where I preach in the Bible, I end up with only one message, the declaration of the Glory of God:   Feast of Tabernacles, The Holy of Holies, the Mountain of the Last Days,The Overcomer, The Sons of God, The Kingdom of God,  The Joseph Company, The Bride of Christ, The 144,000, The Remnant, Those who pass under the Rod, The Branch of the Lord, Those who follow the Lamb wherever He goes, Mt. Zion, New Jerusalem, etc. etc.  All of this plus more tell only one story, “GLORY GLORY GLORY.

We are an apostolic ministry as well as prophetic.  Our desire is to reveal Jesus Christ in the fulness of  the Majesty of His Great power and Glory

Ephesians 4:13

“Until we all come in the unity of the faith, of the knowledge of the son of GOD, unto a perfect man, unto the measure of the stature of the fullness of CHRIST.

Carolyn Sissom, Pastor.

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