Vanessa Williams – Pastor – Dunamis Apostolic Training Center – “Overcoming Transition & Old Systems” – Beaumont, TX

Friday, November 18, 2016

7:00 p.m.

Vanessa Williams

Dunamis Apostolic Training Center

Beaumont, TX

About Pastor Vanessa:

vanessa-williamsVanessa Williams was raised in Pineland Tx and grew up in the Baptist church throughout her childhood and young adult life.  At the age of 26, she had a God encounter and began to attend the holiness church whereas she learned the value of prayer. The spirit of prayer was imparted to her and she began her journey.  She went through many trials as she divorced from her first marriage and was delivered from a marriage whereas she was imprisoned by a spouse on drugs.  After having her first child during this marriage, she moved to Beaumont Tx and was introduced to the Fivefold ministry under Apostle FE. Ollie. From there, Vanessa was commissioned in the office of Evangelism and worked in the church.

Vanessa eventually made her way to New Hope Deliverance Ministries where she sat under Apostle Jennie Morris and was commissioned as a Prophetess and given in house ministry license to operate as evangelist as well. During that time the Holy Spirit taught her what it was to really live holy and through many trials and tests, she was able to make it to the next level in God. She finally married Apostle Napoleon Williams in 2001.  She has been involved in ministry serving as Pastor and operates in the Prophetic ministry as well.  She received her Master’s in Divinity and Doctorate in Ministry from the Beaumont Theological Seminary School, which is tied to The Lord’s Outreach Theological Seminary in Lake Charles Louisiana.

Vanessa Williams has 2 beautiful children whom God has anointed for this end time as well.  She has been involved in ministry since the age of 26 years old.  Vanessa and Napoleon founded Blood Covenant Church and Dunamis Apostolic Training Center in Beaumont Tx.  Their ministry equips and imparts the word of God for those who wish to advance the kingdom of God.  Both Vanessa and Napoleon empower God’s people to move into their next level of living and serving in the Kingdom. They empower the people to do the work and disciple for Kingdom advancement.

About DATC:

DATC Ministries is a ministry located in the Heart of Beaumont to empower, impart, and activate a body of believers to advance the kingdom of God! We were founded 3 years ago in the city of Beaumont Tx. Apostle Napoleon Williams is the original founder and oversees the ministry. Both Apostle Napoleon Williams and I have been in ministry together 13 years. He has been in ministry 25 years and I have been working in ministry since the age of 27. We oversee other Pastors in Mexico, North Carolina and Texas.

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