Wake Up America! Say NO! to Gay Agenda! Persecution Coming to America!

Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Wake Up America!

Say NO to Gay Agenda!

Persecution Coming!


Persecution Coming to Christians for standing up for righteousness and God’s word!

If you don’t think the gay agenda is dangerous to Christians…then you’ve been greatly disillusioned.  This movement utterly hates Christians because we are the ones standing for purity. Any so-called-Christian who accepts this so-called lifestyle is not a Christian. God is very point-blank about His position on this issue and we have no rights to argue with Him or to disagree with Him.

Remember…we are sheep…not goats. Sheep obey and follow. We don’t rise up in pride and try to overthrow the great shepherd’s will!  This is why Lucifer was cast out of Heaven! He thought he knew more than God. Basically..pride rose up within him. We must protect our hearts.

The Bible says that it goes against nature itself! Satan wants to defile our temples! This is why Satan is pushing this gay agenda through in ALL areas of media. Do you not see it EVERYWHERE? This will lead to persecution to the PURITY of the Bride!

This broadcast is in support to Pastor Hillius Pardue, Comfort Ministries, 200 Old Hickory Lane, Scottsville, KY 42164. You may call him at 270-622-0569.

He is working hard to gather petitions from churches in opposition of the Supreme Court’s case on the 14th Amendment and the possibility that they may be forcing churches and non-profit organizations to accept this lifestyle…etc., or face consequences.

What will those consequences be? June Dawn Knight will be discussing this issue and the persecution coming on this broadcast.

Support Pastor Hillius Pardue’s efforts!

Click on these pictures and print to gain signatures!

letter petition petition2

I was at a prison volunteer training at Green River Correctional Facility in KY in March when Pastor Pardue stood up and pleaded with all the ministry leaders to get the petitions and help with this cause. I spoke with Pastor Pardue on the phone today (April 07, 2015) and he said he is gathering them by this Friday to submit to the powers-that-be in Washington, D.C. If you can’t participate in the petition, then please speak to your congregations and ask them to pray for the Supreme Court so that they do not rule in the homosexual agenda’s favor!

We can ask God to thwart Satan’s plan! Think of Abraham and Sodom and Gomorrah!

If we don’t, then persecution is coming to America like we can never imagine.

Please pray!

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