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WATB Radio

WATB Radio

  We are the Bride Ministries desires to honor ministers and ministries across the globe. We realize our battle is not with flesh and blood but with the principalities and powers of the AIR.  We honor other fellow Christians in the Army of the Living God. We hope to impart into the Bride that we are all in this thing together! So, we provide a platform for ministers to bless the Bride across the Earth. We allow ministers to preach to the Bride as a whole and to impart what the Holy Ghost is saying for that moment.

We desire unity in the Body of Christ so we rally around one another and pray for one another. We believe that when God allows a minister on our broadcast that He is about to promote them. So, we ask the Bride to come in agreement with us and we pray in unison for the following:

  • Come in Agreement – Bride Across Earth
  • Plead blood of Jesus over the minister and ministry
  • We ask God to send forth a host of angels to Earth to help this minister to accomplish the mission that God placed in their heart.
  • We ask that God opens the Heavens of provision for them.
  • We ask that God would download the tools, strategies, and to send people to help them accomplish their mission
  • Pray over their families, their health, finances, etc.
  • Anything else led by Holy Spirit

We recognize that every person has a story to tell, a mission to do, and a life to give God glory. We are honored to highlight God’s people!