Wilhelm Klein – Detroit, MI – Holocaust Survivor – An amazing Story of Trusting God!

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Wilhelm Klein, Detroit, MI

Holocaust Survivor

Hostess – June Dawn Knight

Mr. Wilhelm Klein has an amazing story of survivor through the concentration camps and he was just a little boy. He remembers it all as clear as it was happening now. He’s almost 80 years old. Hear the story of how God saved his mother, father, grandmother and brother.

Here’s an example – A Christmas Story –

His little brother got an ear infection prior to Christmas. His little brother screamed for three weeks. Dad couldn’t help him cause of the weather. His grandmother took the son and held him up to the Lord and said, THIS LITTLE WORM…I PLEAD HIS CASE AND HE IS HEALED!  She sang ALL HAIL THE POWER OF JESUS NAME! People started singing along. Now we forward to Christmas. 2nd day of Christmas…snow up to the knees.  They went in the woods to cut the wood. Dad and uncle chopping dead tree when all of a sudden, the tree falls into a thicket and lands on a squeeling wild pig and he was only stunned but pig came after him, then pig charged uncle  and uncle prayed LORD GOD GIVE ME STRENGTH AND HE punched the pig right in the eyes and killed it and ate the pig. The meat was frozen in the shed. So for Christmas they had the boring bread and the pig! So as one man complained, the grandmother said, “Look how God provided for Christmas!” Normally they only ate the hard bread.

Will keep you on the edge of your seat!

Read this book for the full story!


For Hardback copy call:

Wilhelm “Willie” Klein

586-863-3771 for hard copy

Detroit, MI

Hear His Courageous Story!

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